We all live in the digital age. And there are definitely many advantages to that. But at the same time, there are also many drawbacks to that. And one of the biggest drawbacks is that it is very easy to hide and manipulate information. This is an especially big concern when it comes to children, parents, or any other family member.

It is the duty of a parent to always ensure that his or her children are traveling on the right path and are not socializing with people who are wrong for them. Sadly, fulfilling this particular duty is not…

Python web development has gain popularity over the past few years. It is due to the developers who have used it to build many popular web applications. The Google search engine is based on C++ and Python. Instagram and a part of YouTube use Python for web development.

Here are some of the advantages of using Python for website building:

  1. Build prototypes effortlessly

Undoubtedly, Python allows you to do more with less code. It lets you build perfect prototypes for your program quickly. You can easily work on prototype development and ad-hoc programming functions. Due to this reason, Python is…

Choosing a programming language for building your product is not an easy decision, considering the huge variety of available options. And you can’t just pick a language because it is more popular or is considered the best by your partners.

The choice of a programming language should be reason-based and ruled by the business goals that your product aims to achieve. If not chosen wisely, you may suffer tech-related problems from the very beginning such as over budgeting, overestimation, and a lack of flexibility.

Some of the best python developers recommend Python for building your product. …

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is nothing but a software pack having tools for developing and testing the software. A developer needs various tools such as editors, libraries, compiling and testing platforms.

Here are some of the best python IDEs used by the python development company and developers across the world.

  1. PyDev Plugin For Eclipse

It is a commonly use Python IDE by the best python developers coming from Java background. It has got some promising features for the Python programmers such as Django integration, Just-in-Time Python debugging, auto code completion, and much more.

It also has functions…

Do you ever wonder how the browse feeds of your Netflix, YouTube, or Instagram Accounts can be so riveting so as to kill hours of your time against your will? Or how there are apps like Youper or Moodpath carrying out therapies for anxiety and depression? The answer to all of those questions that make you wonder that there is a brain inside your gadget when there are just silicon chips in there is neural networks.

Let’s get a hold of what they are and their basic skeletons. …

Serverless computing and NoOps

Efficiency is the most important trait for an enterprise. And every one of them makes sure that it increases tomorrow. The new advances in technology for automating processes make sure that it happens every day. So if you know today that a big block of your IT staff that is used in maintaining servers can now be given a new task schedule today, wouldn’t you just be grateful?

Most companies today use a bigger percentage of their money as well as labour in maintaining servers. These include tasks like patching, backing up, managing data, and handling other imperative and time-killing…

Development cost factors for Django application development.

Django is among one of the most prominent back-end frameworks in the game. Its speciality is that it ensures quick development much required for high velocity development projects. It is used in developing robust applications through Python language.

Another great advantage of using Django is that it is able to produce websites with vast databases and hence provides a choice for flexible scalability, which in turn makes companies choose Django development companies which can help them develop dependable websites and web applications.

But with every rose having pricks in it, this isn’t a different case. Process of developing applications with…

Picking the right software testing tools.

Type “how to choose the right software testing tool” into Google and you will find various answers, from open source to best of the breed. How would you move past the flashy product demos and pick up the right tool?

A right software testing tool will help you accelerate delivery speed, minimize business risks and lower testing costs. Make a bad choice and you will be taking the blame for negating the speed gains otherwise achieved by automation.

Here are certain important points to consider while choosing a tool that will work for your culture, your existing team members and…

Originally Posted here: Blockchain for Automotive Industry

The automotive industry could be thought of as being on a crossroads right now. One way leads to a future with similar continued problems that the industry faces now, while the other, assisted by the advent of blockchain technology, lead the industry to a new beginning, a new light. It is interesting to see how things will shape out. There is no question that improvement is needed in this day and age, and sticking to what worked perhaps 10 years ago is obviously very anachronous, to say the least.

The automotive industry, as fine as it may seem, isn’t all…

Decentralization, Tokenization, Fractionalization. And now Securitization. The modern financial world is really on a ride today. Just like most of the blockchain enthusiasts out there, we have been looking for the answer of much asked question, ‘What are security tokens?”

Originally Posted in our tech blog.

Decentralization, Tokenization, Fractionalization. And now Securitization. The modern financial world is really on a ride today. Just like most of the blockchain enthusiasts out there, we have been looking for the answer of much asked question, ‘What are security tokens?”

This blog is aimed at answering the very same question.

ICO’s are all the rage in 2018. They have been…

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